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Ideas for quiche fillings

See our ideas for pie and flan fillings.

From the original quiche Lorraine to a sweet treat filled with fruit and custard.

Here are our 3 favourite quiche fillings for inspiration:

  • Crab and asparagus quiche

    Try something a little bit different and mix egg and canned crab with crisp asparagus for the perfect quiche.

  • Pea and mint quiche

    A classic combination of egg, peas, tasty bacon and fresh mint is perfect served warm with a salad.

  • Blue cheese and spinach quiche

    Take a twist on the classic quiche filling. Try a rich blue cheese with fresh spinach and egg.

Puff pastry pie Why not try making puff pastry?

instead of shortcrust for your pie why not try making puff pastry?

Crimping pastry Improve your techniques

Improve your crimping, folding, handling, glazing and timing techniques with our easy-to-follow technique guides