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Ideas for pie fillings

See our ideas for flan and quiche fillings.

Pies have come a long way since they were invented by the Ancient Egyptians who used to fill a basic pastry case with honey, fruit and nuts. Legend has it that the Romans invented the pie as we know it, filled with savoury meat or fish.

Pies continue to be a popular food worldwide with many new and exciting fillings emerging every day.

Don't just stick to the traditional filling options. Experiment with ingredients to make a delicious meal.

Here are our favourite 3 pie fillings for inspiration:

  • Chicken and blue cheese pie

    Team tender strips of chicken breast with white wine and thyme before adding generous quantities of strong flavoursome blue cheese and bake in the oven to make an appetizing savoury pie.

  • Chorizo sausage pie

    Mix Spanish chorizo sausage with creamy goats' cheese, chillies, peppers and tomatoes for an exotic pie filling.

  • Cherry pie

    Tart cherries and melt-in-the-mouth pastry served with a drizzle of cream provide the perfect filling for a sweetcrust pie.

Puff pastry pie Why not try making puff pastry?

Why not try making puff pastry instead of shortcrust as a topping for your pie?

Crimping pastry Improve your techniques

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