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Ideas for flan fillings

See our ideas for pie and quiche fillings.

Once you've mastered our simple recipe for shortcrust pastry, you're ready to start creating your own mouth-watering flans.

Blind bake your shortcrust base for around 30 minutes before adding a filling and experiment with a variety of sweet and savoury options to make the perfect flan.

Here are our favourite 3 flan fillings for inspiration:

  • Cherry tomato and goats' cheese flan

    Mix cherry tomato and goats' cheese together for a delicious savoury flan.

  • Strawberry flan

    For a taste of summer add strawberries to your flan base and serve drizzled with fresh cream.

  • Mocha flan

    Team a caramel flan base with chocolate and coffee to make an indulgent melt-in-the-mouth treat. Make sure you add the caramel flavouring to the mixture when adding the flour.

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