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Crimping pastry

Perfect your skills with more pastry making techniques

There are many ways to turn your pastry into something even more special. Crimping is a great decorative technique (and also helps to prevent your filling leaking out during the baking process).

  • Placing ingredients onto pastry circle

    Place the ingredients in the middle of the pastry circle.

  • Folding pastry into a D shape

    Dampen the exposed edge with water and fold in half to make a D shape. Seal the edges of the pastry by pressing gently all the way round.

  • Crimping pastry on a pasty

    Starting at the left edge take hold between the left finger and thumb and turn it inwards onto the line of the sealed edge. Hold the first fold and turn over the immediately adjacent edge towards you using the right finger and thumb.

  • Finished, crimped pasty

    Repeat all the way along and fold the right edge inwards as in step 3